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When It Was Finished

When Jesus declared on the cross, “It is finished!” somewhere beneath the surface of what could be seen, my heart began to race. Deeply hidden inside of God, my pulse was pounding because of those very words. For when He finished, I began.

One completed earthly mission released a Spirit into the world to descend and dwell inside of sons and daughters who would begin a glorious existence. But before that, there lingered a stretch of time between the end of the world as we once knew it and the awakening of the world we now inhabit. A silence overcame all of humanity as everyone held their breath waiting to see what would happen when God turned the page.

In those restless seconds and depleted hours, eternity was unleashing a new horizon. Weary shoulders became weightless as our burdens were ransomed in an instant. Shame and sin carried away in the fulfillment of prophesies when the cross was lowered back down to the ground. Curses lifted from our family as nails were removed from the body of Jesus Christ. And though we didn’t even know it, stones were rolled off our future generations. A supernatural legacy of divine love was now available for hearts to embrace.

So, Jesus walked among us again. His footsteps treading on Heaven and Earth as He showed us how to be here and there in the same moment. He was breathing new breath and speaking of a greater glory ahead – a reality even hungry hearts couldn’t begin to behold. And even though we couldn’t imagine a human life without Him, He departed and left us the most beautiful gift – the Holy Spirit-filled life within Him. A flame that lit up souls already on fire sparked a movement of Heaven that has only grown in power and influence ever since. And because it had to be finished, we get to live for the sake of the One who finished it for us. The One that all the prayers ever prayed rests upon and the One who came to crown a new creation with revelation, truth, hope, and never-ending glory!

When we fully realize that His finished work is the start of a new covenant, a new love, and a deposit of promises to come, we walk in the light that surely shined inside of Him when He spoke the words that cancelled our worldly destiny and opened the gate for our eternal beginning. Three spoken words set countless racing hearts free forevermore.


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