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Fran Mora

LeeAnn Witzigman

The Pearls And Presence
Ministries Story

In the beginning, there was the need to create a space where women could come and receive Godly nourishment, counsel, and encouragement.  A place where they could connect and share their voice or just be still, read, and ponder.  Fran launched the Facebook page, Pearls & Presence, in August of 2018 as an answer to that calling and LeeAnn, her daughter, joined as a co-author and co-administrator in 2019. 


In the years to follow this generational alliance, the community that was formed grew in number, diversity, and geographical representation.  Since it’s conception, the page has also featured articles from several other Christian sisters and material from Pearls & Presence has been circulated in other digital and printed publications.

Our desire to minister to women has flourished and outgrown the confines of the initial offerings on Facebook.  God has blessed us with opportunity after opportunity to write what He places on our hearts, to pray over people in our community, to teach, and to speak out as bold witnesses for His love, healing touch, and provision.  We enthusiastically embrace the purpose He has placed on our lives, and we humbly and thankfully serve however and wherever He leads.

We are currently working on a manuscript for publication which will contain some of our favorite articles presented over the years and some new material.  Thank you for being such faithful readers and for asking questions and sharing comments that help to keep us fresh and rejuvenated.

Pearls And Presence Ministries
Has Three Important Objectives:


By teaching and illustrating the mother and father-heart of God, we hope to help women strengthen their relationship with the Father and their understanding of who He is and how He wants to love us. 


Our mission is to help women uncover their brokenness and allow the love and mercy of the Father to bring hope, healing, and intimacy into their lives.


By focusing on the Bible and receiving all revelation from scripture, we intentionally try to be reflections of the heart and teaching of Jesus.  We give encouragement to women born from the unconditional, Christ-like love that we have been instructed to give and we validate our sisters (and brothers) of the Faith as true children of God and co-heirs to the throne of glory. 


We believe it’s essential to provide a platform for testimonies of miracles and proclamations of how God is working in lives so that the world can see us celebrating our victories through the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Perhaps our most earnest desire is to coach women on how to hear the voice of God – how to listen and recognize when He is communicating with them.  We want to walk with them on the journey as they discover their spiritual gifts and we want to stand beside them as they gather the courage to partner with the Holy Spirit and use those gifts to minister, preach, and speak God’s words. 


We want to speak life over women and watch as they are released from bondage and boundaries to do the work of the Kingdom!

Fran lived the adventurous life of an Army brat, spending approximately half of her childhood years in various locations in Germany and half in the United States. She received an Associate’s degree from the University of Maryland, Munich Campus. And then, from the University of Texas at El Paso, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology and Research.

Her adult life involved just as many location changes, but God faithfully provided a church home and Christian fellowship wherever she and her family landed. Although there were years of full-time research employment, part-time employment, and no employment – the constant and consuming roles of mother, wife, and daughter of the King provided strength and satisfaction for the intricately woven fabric of her life.


Her service followed the journey of her children and moved from Sunday School teaching, children’s programs, and VBS on to Youth teaching and activities. In the empty nest years, she found her spiritual wings and purpose as she transitioned to ministering to adult women of every age through her writing and teaching. Now, in her retirement years, she is whole-heartedly invested in being a bold witness for Jesus Christ through her inspirational writing, curriculum development, and teaching.


In partnership with the Holy Spirit, she is determined to share all revelation, giftings, and insights, not only as an invitation to relationship with the Father, but also as a gateway to the healing of the soul through His lovingkindness and grace. She is the creator and co-author of the Pearls & Presence Facebook page, a contributing writer for the Lighthouse News, and a Bible study curriculum developer and teacher.

Fran lives in Cumming, Georgia with her husband Rick where they enjoy the blessings of grandparenting and serving the Lord together.

LeeAnn is a lifelong writer and dreamer whose adventures with the Holy Spirit have made her days more fun than she ever thought possible. Her childhood unfolded in many places in the United States, Germany, and England. She received her college degree from the University of North Texas where she studied Radio, Film and Television Production with a minor in Literature. She is currently a second year degree student at Kineo Ministry Training Center in Dawsonville, Georgia. 


Her 20’s kept her both in front of and behind the camera as she worked as a News Producer for a local news broadcast station. It was there that she began to transition from being the face of a product to being the voice of a message. God was stirring His words in her and tuning her heart to the frequency of His.


Now, in her 30’s, LeeAnn is a full-time mom, co-author of Pearls & Presence, contributing writer to the Lighthouse News, Bible study leader, and an enthusiastic laborer in the glorious harvest of Heaven. She is passionate about teaching from the Bible and helping people hear the voice of God and understand the variety of ways He communicates with us.


Her prayer for this God-ordained ministry is that souls be fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit, heart gazes would be completely fixed on Jesus Christ, and every daughter and son of our good Father would live their lives testifying to all the miracles He has done through His unfailing love. LeeAnn lives in Cumming, Georgia with her husband Patrick and their five children.

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