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Wake Up!

The Lord God has given Me the tongue of disciples,

That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word.

He awakens Me morning by morning,

He awakens My ear to listen as a disciple.

Isaiah 50:4

I’m enjoying the most incredible process ever! I’ve always had the heart of a teacher and recently, God has magnified my purpose in that arena in ways that I didn’t see coming. Even though I’ve been writing curriculum and developing lessons for the last several years, there’s been an amazing shift in the group dynamics over the last year or so. I normally approach a season of study by writing and preparing material that is meaningful or interesting to me or by answering the call or desires of another church leader. But the last few study series have been focused on and directed by the whims of the Holy Spirit – and it has made all the difference.

He is drawing women in like moths to the flame. They come with the expectation of sitting before a meal, no longer satisfied with just a little nibble, they want new entrees and new wine. They are ravenous. So curious and excited. So ready to absorb and ponder.

So willing to build a relationship and have a personal encounter.

And they keep asking, “What are we doing next?”

Perhaps the most amazing thing to me is how the Holy Spirit took a simple desire to share revelation of the Word and expanded it into a thriving prayer and healing ministry. Both mine and my daughter’s cups are running over like cascading waterfalls of the Father’s love. It has become a full spectrum of opportunities to serve the Lord and to serve the women that He brings into our circle of influence. And they are so beautiful: all colors, all ages, many nationality origins. They are a fragrant bouquet – an offering upon the alter to our gracious God. That they continually seek us out, honestly, overwhelms me.

As I was marveling over this God-phenomenon a couple of days ago, I received a vision of myself grabbing the bed covers and yanking them off a multitude of women. As their warm cocoons were removed and their comfortable slumber was disturbed, I was crying, “Wake up! Wake up! It’s time to discover what purpose God has designed for you!” I saw spiritual infants arching their little spines and stretching with their little fists in the air. I saw spiritual children wiping the sleep from their eyes, ready to cleave onto a mother or father. I saw spiritual adolescents bounding out of bed and eagerly looking forward to divine adventures. And I saw the spiritually mature gathering the infants and children in their arms and leading the adolescents into productive outlets for their energy.

Friends, I don’t know your spiritual temperature and I can’t hear what the Holy Spirit has been whispering into your ear – but I know that the treasures of Heaven are bursting at the seams and your Father wants to give you as much as you can handle. Set Jesus Christ as the center of your compass and watch how the Father straightens your path and the Holy Spirit lifts you up and carries you into places you didn’t know existed.

As we step out in faith to discover and explore our giftings, we will find ourselves transforming and pressing into the glory of God. We will become His witnesses and speak His testimonies. We will reflect His perfect love and practice His unyielding grace. We will be known by our true identities – beloved daughters of the Father and brides of the King.

Psalm 108:2 Awake, harp and lyre; I will awaken the dawn!


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