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Very Good

“Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

I started my week consumed with the truth of God’s goodness and how He is manifesting that fruit of the Spirit in our lives. Yesterday morning, our women’s gathering covered a variety of challenging subjects in relation to goodness, its counterfeits, and what we must let go of for God to be fully glorified through us. All afternoon springs of thought were erupting in my soul until they pooled together this morning on my walk. I felt sure God was giving me a window into His heart when He showed me a picture of my lineage. It was nothing like what we read about in the Bible, but a simple list that had “Mora” at the very bottom with a long arrow pointing up that ended with “I Am.” Above His name, said “Father.” Before I could even ask Him the overflow of questions that were surfacing within me, He said, “Even though they have denied who their Father is, they still carry My name and bear My image. Remind them what I declared over them at the beginning.” Immediately, my heart whispered back to Him, “You said we are very good.”

This topic of goodness somehow sheds light on darkness at the same time. As we excavate the heart of our Father, we find revelation on how to rid ourselves of darkness, because even our flesh craves the light He freely shines. But, both cannot be contained in the same place and we know that light always overcomes darkness (John 1:5). So, as we venture into the world as carriers of this brilliant, hopeful light, we often find places and people that are dimly lit, if at all. This situation has many of us wondering if we should still press onward or avoid it altogether.

The Earth is filled with God’s sons and daughters who are marked with His name and reflect who He is, whether they acknowledge it or not. God has always cared about Who your Father is and He even made sure to reference Biblical people back under the covering of their fathers. There was something significant and remarkable that He didn’t want us to miss about being bonded by name and blood to your Father. It is the seal of your identity and it is irrevocable … and it was established before the beginning of time and creation. Your Father has always been God and you were born into this life with His name, His image, and a powerful declaration spoken over you that you are very good. Do you believe that?

Unbelief attached to this Scriptural truth is what has left us in societies that are rampant with identity crises, brokenness, despair, and all the other issues/sin you can use to fill the blanks of where we are today. But, what if we arrived every place God is sending us with a simple message of a Father’s great love? One that seeks out the lonely and speaks soft words of compassion and affirmation of God’s truth. One that reaches out in faithful love to impart holy affections straight from Heaven. One that just stands in awe before a lost son completely overwhelmed by the love of God for him. One that is moved to tears over a wayward daughter who has never been told her Kingdom worth. One that goes to all ends of their world to reconcile brothers and sisters back to the Father’s table.

I’m not making suggestions to you that I have not already begun to walk in faith toward myself. In fact, I’ve been so unraveled at the grocery store, family events, and many other places we commonly find ourselves in, that I know this goodness He’s releasing firsthand. I’m also starting to understand that He’s set a wildfire of Kingdom identity in motion and I’m praying for this flame to consume the world.

The glory in all of this is that we can partner with Him one ignition at a time. One obedient prophetic utterance in His time. One extra moment of spirit prayers in the parking lot on His clock. One second more of eye contact to engage His prodigals and hand deliver them back into His open arms. Just one more, Father, please give us one more.

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Oct 24, 2023

Yes and Amen🙏🤍


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