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Tomb of the Heart

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

From the darkness of the greatest despair and in the middle of the loneliest moment of all time was the breath of an invitation released inside of a tomb in Jerusalem. Anyone who would hear His voice and respond to His hallowed name could surrender the tomb of their heart for the tabernacle of His glory. As Jesus laid in an unlit earthly place, the shimmering and brilliant lights of Heaven began to fall all around Him. And the rocks that surrounded His unrecognizable body began to praise. A sound so holy the ground trembled and the stones rolled away. The presence of the Holy Spirit touched the Son of God and He awoke to the hymn of victory and the radiance of fulfilled prophecy. As He shed those coverings of death that tried to bind Him, He paused for a divine second to tenderly fold the one that was laid upon His face. The imprint of His sacrificial blood staining the surface of our hearts. The face we know and adore was marked by our sin and poured out a blood offering that we might never experience the full measure of our tomb. But He left behind the memory, tucked apart from all the other wrappings, so that we’d find His face in every one of our dark, lowly, and desperate hours.

So, when we speak the name of Jesus, He rises in glory from the tomb within our hearts. He enters in, transforming our hearts of stone into a holy place where He can dwell and be glorified. And while we do our best to prepare a place for Him within us, it is surely only as good as the grave He already conquered. As He steps lightly upon our heart, we hear a familiar song echo in our soul. It’s the chorus of the rocks that still cry out in praise to the Almighty One. And as we join Him in the depths of His amazing love, He wraps us in His death-defying triumph and fills our lives with the incense of His everlasting goodness and mercy.

All hail King Jesus who is alive forever and ever, Amen!


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