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Spirit Winds

“For the Spirit-wind blows as it chooses. You can hear its sound, but you don’t know where it came from or where it’s going. So it is within the hearts of those who are Spirit-born!” John 3:8

There is a breath that’s been moving us from the beginning of time. It vibrated so quickly over the vast, formless void that it made a holy sound that’s held deep within us all. Then, it called out as the voice of God in the Garden of Eden as it was carried on a cool evening breeze into the hearts of man and woman. It brought dry bones to life and sent plagues off the face of the Earth. It came upon us as a whisper and a promise in the early morning hours of prayer and also in times of darkness and despair as it rushed in to remind us to stand firm and fight with faith. The very gale-force we have seen move mountains and part seas is the same one that caresses our faces and dries all of our tears. This heaven-sent zephyr translates our words and actions mid-air to penetrate hard hearts and unmovable souls for endless glory. How could we know where it comes from or begin to understand the mysteries that fascinate our days and nights? And yet, like a perfectly timed invitation, He calls us to “Come” and sends forth a glorious gust to move us deeper into His heart.

We are the vessels of this soft breeze and mighty storm of Heaven. We have been called and sent forth by the Voice that breathes on us from all directions. We are the ushers of refreshment that streams from the presence of the Lord. We carry the very Spirit-winds that move earthly elements to reveal divine truth and sacred perspectives of love. And though we don’t know where He’s leading us, we move with Him without question or concern. For as we journey with Him, through the years, we come to understand that we’ve been running toward the horizon He’s set before us with an indescribable life force that has carried us far and wide. And it’s there that we see the Spirit face to face and all secrets are unveiled in the breath of His majesty and released in the sigh of His overwhelming goodness.


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