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Spirit Drawing

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” Romans 1:20

Last Summer, I was in my bedroom, kneeling by the window and praying. It was morning time and the light in the room was soft and warm. This time and place is where everyone in my house knows to find me, but on this particular morning, all interference with His presence was suspended. I began to sing in the Spirit and the song seemed to go on for many hours; though the clock might say differently. While I was sweetly consumed in the Spirit, there was a prompting in my soul to get my journal and pen and lay them out before me. I went back into prayer with my eyes closed and after a few minutes, I realized the pen in my hand was moving at the pace of my prayer language declarations. I was completely unaware of my hands and what was happening in the natural realm. Later, when I opened my eyes, I began to flip through my journal and was overpowered by what filled the paper.

Let me admit before I go any farther that I am not an artist nor have I ever had a talent for drawing, painting, art, etc. My skill level wouldn’t even classify as basic. You all know, words are much more my thing. So, as I sat on the floor, with the morning light cascading over these pages, I wept. In my spirit, I knew exactly what I was looking at, but with my physical eyes, it seemed otherworldly.

The first Holy Spirit drawing is the one you see here – a woman walking on water. Feeling like maybe I was out of my mind (and I was), I took the page downstairs and asked my oldest daughter what she saw. Without any hesitation, she said, “It’s you walking on water. And there’s an angel behind you and the Holy Spirit dove above you.” My spirit was soaring so high I was struggling to keep up.

That was June of last year – a pivotal moment in the unleashing of a wave of creativity from the Holy Spirit that would wash me over every day afterward. Since that morning, hundreds of drawings have erupted from my soul and they’ve been mostly given away as soon as the ink dries on the paper. I’ve discovered it’s nearly impossible to explain moves of the Holy Spirit or why this has happened or how these offerings come about. Sure, I can detail what I think goes on while I’m lost in prayer and when I open my eyes, I write down what I see in my spirit on the page, but I know that’s just a glimpse of what we’re really seeing. I know these shapes, and figures, and words are an expression of the divine nature of God. I know this display of pen strokes has captured a mere second of what our spirits look like when they’re dancing with Jesus. I know the longer I stare at these pieces of His heart, the closer I feel to Heaven and the more in tune I become with the frequency He’s operating on.

This morning, I was praying on my couch, and the sun was on my face. Behind my eyelids, I could see colors changing and shapes floating around. After a few moments, the shapes took the form of the Spirit drawings. I could feel the excitement building in my heart and I was hopeful some new level of understanding was about to be revealed. I waited and watched. I smiled and opened my ears to hear Him. The original drawing of the woman came before me and I felt like He had something else to say about her, but nothing was spoken. A few hours later, as I was driving to the grocery store, I glanced up and saw the cloud picture you see here. I hope you can tell it’s a woman walking on cross shaped waters. She’s looking in the same direction as the Spirit drawing and her hair is being swept back by the same holy winds. Her faith is guiding her footsteps in the same way my testimony is typing these letters to you.

I’m sharing this, because I believe God is always doing something new – He made us that promise. The challenge is to stop looking for Him in places He’s already been and to fix our eyes on where He is going. Time in His presence has proven that new in Him is better than old without Him. When I saw Him in the clouds this morning, I rejoiced to know that He wasn’t confined to the framed drawing on my bedside table. He is free to meet me and you wherever He pleases and if we seek Him first, we’ll always find Him. And if we offer ourselves as the canvas, there will be no limits or enough words and we will fill the Earth with His art. We are a gallery of showpieces crafted by the greatest Creator ever known.


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