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Lamb's Feet

I saw the feet of the Lamb and many lions were bringing in troubled, tortured souls and laying them at His feet. These are the lions of prayer releasing blessing by day and deliverance by night over the evil spirits of this world. Instead of using the great force and mighty strength within them, their prayers ushered their prey into the Throne Room of God. I believe this is the intercessor’s hour and the feet of Jesus, the Lamb, are covered with many known and unknown hearts of opposition to the Kingdom of Heaven. The soul cries of these trusted prayer warrior lions make a way for freedom and cover those afflicted by the enemy until they reach His feet of love and redemption.

There is divine access to the heavenly realm for those petitioning with pure hearts for their enemies. And there’s a holy protection over those carried by these lions in prayer. I sense a deep intimacy between the lions and the Lamb and how He honors them in their prayer lives – a current between them that softens even the loudest lion into surrender before the sovereignty and grace of the Almighty Lamb.


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