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Heavenly ID Card

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

I saw a valley filled with soldiers bowing down in the dark. It was silent and still as they all began to breathe in one breath – the inhale and exhale of divine unity and soul togetherness. On the ground beside each one was an ID card from Heaven. The photo was not of human faces, but of faith. Displayed on every citizenship card is the armor of battle-tested, victorious, and hard fought coverings of spiritual defense weapons. There were dented shields of faith, radiant helmets of salvation, thick belts of truth, shoes laced up with peace, enough righteousness to cover a whole body of believers, and a glistening sword that never runs out of strategy and triumph. Other cards also included instruments of worship and arts of splendor. As I stood in the midst of this holy recognition from above, a weight of glory pressed down to strengthen us all.

From the back of this army, arrows like rainbows arched over the valley and as the light from them reflected off the armor all around, multitudes of angels could be seen layering the atmosphere.

Faith has no face, but it does have a sound – the fastening of armor and the prayers of those who honor and defend the privilege of their heavenly citizenship card.


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