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Get Ready

“But He knows where I am going. And when He tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.” Job 23:10

I saw a miracle.

Two weeks ago, I was checking the girls out of school for a dental cleaning appointment and as we were walking out the front door of Kara’s school, we cut through a line of children coming back from the playground. When we crossed the street, we heard a familiar voice call out, “Hi Leia! Hi Kara!” As we all turned around, we saw the miracle. It was a boy we know and love who we’ve only seen in the Special Education setting for the last three years. Usually, he’s in full motion with plenty to say, but not that day. He was standing with a regular class of kids, quietly in his place, following all directions, and looking like he perfectly and rightly belonged there. We smiled, said hello, and got in the car. That’s when the wave of glory drenched us all and we began to cry and shout and celebrate this victory like it was our own! Our souls were just erupting with praise that a healing happened and that our friend was set free!

Seeing him standing there flooded my heart with so many emotions and I was reminded of prayers coming back to my lips, heart-to-heart talks with his mother throughout the years, dreams of him and his brothers being medical marvels, and so much more. As I glanced at him through my car mirrors, I saw this beautiful swell of Heaven had completely overtaken him and it splashed us that day. I realized that our years of contending in faith had become weighty drops that had contributed to the wave of glory that was building over his life and it wasn’t just a coincidence that we happened to see him that day. It was divinely arranged that we could join this celebration of Heaven over another one who has graduated into God’s fulfilled promises and deeper goodness.

Even greater, the sight of this little boy filled the soul of my motherhood with expectation that Kara would be next. My spirit was roaring for him like he was my own child and I know that’s because his victory is mine and it displayed a gateway of hope for all the ones coming after him. The miracle is incredible – he is free from the shadow of hell that bound him for many years, and he is now stepping into a destiny none of us could have imagined even if we tried, though we longed to see this cherished day. But the One who caused the miracle is what truly takes my breath away and the stirring He’s doing right now within me is too majestic for words.

I pray we are getting ready. I see swells of glory following people everywhere and it’s overflowing because of the passionate and persistent petitions of those partnering with the will of God, day and night. He is advancing delays. He is removing medical files from doctor offices. He is paying debts in full. He is recovering lost time and gifting us a new horizon. He is elevating us into deeper revelation and wonder. He is holding nothing back from the ones in pursuit of His footsteps. And He is drawing people so near to where He’s moving that when we pray, we’ve actually taken a step closer to Heaven and to the ones who will be caught up in the coming surge of His overwhelming love.

Whether the glorious wave is coming over us or cascading all around us, I pray God finds our hearts shimmering like pure gold.

I’m ready!


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