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First Touch

I saw people huddled in groups - clustered all around. Their faces could not be seen, nor their hands or feet, or any recognizable feature to identify them. But standing in the midst of them all was a woman with her arms stretched upward and her face fully alive with a radiant smile. 

The Lord said, “They are waiting for a touch from Me, but she faithfully reached out and touched Me first.” 

I believe the Lord is showing Himself in full majesty to those who live a life that touches Him, instead of one that awaits His touch. With all the talk of anticipated revival these days, there are truly those who already experience it moment by glorious moment …every day. 

The outpouring from Heaven is a faucet turned on by the heart that reached for God and didn’t let go. Revival is clutched by the fingers that couldn’t wait for Him to show up where they were, so they abandoned everything to seek until they found Him. 

It’s time to stop looking around for revival and realize it already belongs to the ones who reached out for God with one hand and with the other touched the whole world with the force of His great and mighty love! 

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Feb 09

Yes!!! Love this! All of His Glory! I dont want to miss an ounce of it!


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