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A Blood That Saves: The Rarest In All The World

“And through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through His blood, shed on the cross.”  Colossians 1:20

I took this picture of Patrick and Leia during Spring Break this year and it’s a memory that’s burned onto the surface of my heart. When I heard their laughter echo through the woods, I followed the beautiful sound and captured this moment without them even knowing it. As I watched them caught up in their own moment of joy, it reminded me of a very familiar setting in my own life. It’s the way I come before my Father as His little girl to enjoy the deepest pleasures of just being in His presence. Often when we’re alone with the Lord we don’t even consider what that looks like in Heaven, but when I saw this landscape perfectly laid out before me, I knew instantly God was revealing His heart for the times we’ve spent together.

As I was praying about what I could share on this Father’s Day week, I came across this photo again and as I stared into it, marveling at how great a father Patrick is to our children, I know the blessing runs much deeper. I felt the Lord saying that His blood poured out is the place where everything that must be saved gets washed over.

Twenty years ago, my mom bought a book about diets related to blood types. In her never ending quest for knowledge, research, and science, she informed us about several facts related to our bodies stemming from the kind of blood inside of it. The only fact I remembered after all these years was that I had the same blood type as Jesus. Historians have proven, based on carefully preserved items containing His blood, that He has type AB negative … the rarest blood type in all the world. Only 0.6% of the world has the same blood type!

Listen to this:  AB blood is considered a “universal receiver or solvent,” which means it can be mixed with any other blood type and it will dissolve it into itself! What a breathtaking view of our salvation! The blood of Christ can absorb the blood flow of the entire world and make it become His own. It’s truly the global transfusion needed in this very hour.

I pray as we are honoring our fathers this week, we would look far beneath the surface and dive into the current that’s been poured out for me and you. What a gift our Father has given us in the blood of His son that has been given to purify what we could never cleanse on our own. May we thank Him once more that He filled Jesus with a powerful source of love that would never run out and would be available for every son and daughter to exchange one glorious day.

Though our gratitude could go for eternity, may we lift up a shout right now for the greatest gift a Father could offer us … the blood of the Lamb that has reconciled us back into the arms of God and has truly washed us white as snow.


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