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Updated: Aug 18, 2023

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5

This Summer as we were preparing and writing for the Spiritual Warfare class, I experienced a powerful encounter with the Lord. One of the handouts listed the timing of satan’s attacks and near the very bottom it said, “he comes against the womb of every woman.” I had typed these out back in April and it was July when I sat down with the Holy Spirit to ask Him what He wanted me to speak about and these words completely caught my heart off guard.

While staring at the word ‘womb’ I felt a collision of Heaven and Earth happening right inside of the room. So, I grabbed a notepad and pen and for the next 25 minutes I wrote down as fast as I could everything the Holy Spirit was uncovering that had been hidden inside of my womb. The photo you see with this article is that very list. I was astonished when my pen stopped moving that many of those words were the darkest of soul confessions. For a fleeting moment, shame and guilt tried to surface, so I placed the list on the floor and laid myself on top of it. And I prayed a very simple and tearful prayer asking God to purge these sins forever. As I stood up and looked down upon them, He told me that all of those ashes have already turned to beauty.

The womb is a sacred and holy place of life within every woman. A beautiful space where God loves to create and birth eternal things in us. But it is also a cavity that has the capacity to hold hidden secrets and disgrace. And though I’ve spent decades working on clearing out and sanctifying my mind and heart and soul, there was another area deep inside of me that satan had been tucking himself into without my full awareness. As I considered the list, it became very clear it was a history of rejection in my life. It was loaded with a lifetime of hurt, pain, and some of the worst experiences… many I hoped to never recall again. Words like divorce, second born generational curse, unsafe men, insecurity, trapped dreams, surrendered dignity, name changes, exhales of relief, careless nights, unanswered phone calls, betrayal, begs for mercy, and misunderstood love filled the pages. I was overwhelmed by how much darkness had invaded a cocoon of intended glory.

But a single prayer disarmed this list in an instant. And in God’s perfect timing, He removed these wounds of the womb and light began to fill the depths of me once more! I felt such a holy heat on the womb and it started many conversations in my home as I exposed the list to those I deeply love. We talked to our teenage sons about being defenders and protectors of the wombs around them and being men of honor and wisdom to uphold women in a way where they know how valuable the womb truly is and what a precious gift it will be in their life. And we made sense as best we can to our young daughters that there is a world that seeks to destroy the sacredness of femininity and the power of creating and nurturing life. We sat around the table with our sons and daughters and renounced the double curse on their generation - where men are spreading their seed with as many women as they can and yet refusing to become fathers and women are subject to the dishonor and abuse of a divine place where the greatest dreams of God are held within them. I know these discussions are changing the course of our children’s pathways and they are depositing God-given identity and Biblical responsibility …in the exact way the Holy Spirit planned when He wrote that list.

I believe God is highlighting the womb to women and men in this hour. It is our opportunity to pray and give Him room to take back what the enemy has tried to take over, but his time is up. It’s a chance for us to be vulnerable with each other and rise up together stronger and more defensive about what matters to God and His coming Kingdom. It’s a moment where the history of our families can change for eternity as Jesus sits with us at the table and ushers in His righteousness and abounding grace. It’s an open door for the Holy Spirit to blow fresh winds of healing upon mothers and fathers who are raising shields of faith and speaking words of truth. And it’s the perfect invitation for us to run into the Father’s arms and release all of who we are back into His glorious hands of hope and security.

I see His light returning to wombs. I hear hell screaming, because another victory has been sealed in Heaven. And I feel the joyful echo of laughter that comes from the freedom of being delivered by Jesus Christ and the testimonies that fill the Earth with the praise of His beautiful name!


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