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Seeds of Eden

We are born seeded for Eden. When we meet Jesus and behold Him as our Savior, the seeds are watered in baptism and begin to grow an eternal garden within. He takes us back to eternity past where seeds of Eden have been kept hidden inside of humanity.

A people who tend the soul soil of a paradise no longer seen.

A pathway that’s still walked on by God in the cool of the evening.

A breath of life that births the blooms of Heaven.

These seeds speak profoundly of a divine creativity unfathomable by most. They display a harvest in every season, of every climate, and they’re lit up by unlimited sunrises and sunsets.

When Jesus said, “You will be with Me in paradise,” the gates opened back up for us in Eden. He walked out with Adam, a thief, and returned on the day of His crucifixion with the thief who died beside Him at Calvary.

Everything God created for us, He has preserved in the Heavens. So, we know that when we pray “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” the reflections of what we’ve seen here below are just a glimpse of what awaits us in eternity.

Eden remains in full bloom and the invitation to be with Him there still stands.


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